bachchan paandey Movie Facts

After the release of Bachchhan Paandey, fans took to social media with a flurry of comparison between Akshay Kumar and Varun Tej, on who made the better gangster 

Facts #1 

They have been comparing the two actors on who had better style, swag and charisma on screen. 

Facts #2

Many posts and comments from fans across the country mentioned how Varun Tej’s makeover and transformation stands out, while others voted for the pan-India appeal of Akshay Kumar. 

Facts #3 

Varun Tej had walked away with rave reviews and applause for his performance in Gaddhalakonda Ganesh. 

Facts #4

Such was the impact the star made in the action-comedy that fans remember it fondly even to this day. 

Facts #5

Many expressed their disappointment over the trend of remakes in Bollywood, and said that watching the original was a better idea. 

Facts #6