KGF Chapter 2 facts 

The first piece of fact we have for you is quite intriguing. When the teaser for KGF Chapter 

Facts #1 

was officially uploaded on YouTube, it became the most watched teaser in the world during first 

Facts #2

Rocky made a vow to his dying mother while he was a kid that he would never perish in poverty, and the story line of KGF Chapter 2 will focus around that pledge. 

Facts #3 

The teaser also hinted us to the content of the movie by saying at the conclusion “that promise will be kept.” 

Facts #4

With a costing of 100 crores, KGF Chapter 2 is by far the most costly Kannada film, much like the first part. 

Facts #5

Adheera, played by Sanjay Dutt, would be Rocky’s (Yash) ruthless enemy in the upcoming film. 

Facts #6