Gaddalakonda Ganesh movie's Facts

Gaddalakonda Ganesh is about a director, Abhilash, finding his film, and a wayward gangster Gaddalakonda Ganesh, finding his true calling. 

Facts #1 

The film is also about cinema and its people —the ones who make it and the ones who make it what it is. 

Facts #2

Even though it starts as a endeavour that wants to bring out the hero in a man perceived as villain by many, it ends up elevating the filmmaker. 

Facts #3 

It is evident in the way Thanikella Bharani’s character is forcefully introduced post-interval, only to manufacture an emotional arc of an aspiring director getting his chance to say ‘action’. 

Facts #4

(This was better staged in the original because the character had more to do.) It is also evident in the way Atharvaa’s character walks out at the end of the film. 

Facts #5

The man deserving of a following isn’t a gangster-turned-actor, but the director himself. 

Facts #6